Corby minister to protest outside Star Wars film over Lord’s Prayer advert ban

Dennis Binks of Corby
Dennis Binks of Corby

A church minister is urging people to join him in taking a stand against an advertising agency’s decision not to screen an advert featuring the Lord’s Prayer.

The Rev Dennis Binks from The Candle of Light Christian Spiritual Church in Corby is unhappy with the decision by Digital Cinema Media (DCM) to not show the advert ahead of screenings of Star Wars: The Force Awakens from December 18.

The advert, produced by, shows the Lord’s Prayer being recited by members of the public and also features Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby.

The minute-long advert received clearance from the British Board of Film Classification and the Cinema Advertising Authority, but DCM has refused to show it.

A statement issued by DCM, which handles adverts for Odeon, Cineworld and Vue cinemas, said: “While there has been passionate debate about this issue, we know that many customers support our policy.

“We believe a clear neutral stance remains the fairest policy for all, and allows DCM to treat all political and religious beliefs equally.”

Mr Binks feels so strongly about the issue that he is planning to protest on the day the film is released and he is hoping others will join him.

He said: “It’s the basis of our faith, it’s the very stronghold of our faith.

“I am going to contact other ministers and organisations about getting people to boycott the Star Wars film.

“I know it’s likely I’ll be on my own, but it would be good if we could put a dent in the numbers going.

“This is our faith, this is a Christian country.

“Not to show the Lord’s Prayer is like sacrilege.”

Mr Binks is urging people to get in touch with him if they would like to join him and show their support for his protest.

He added: “I want to know if other ministers in the area feel the same and if they would join me in gathering people together to make placards and stand outside the cinemas and demonstrate to let people know that we are not being bullied like this.

“I am very dedicated to doing this.

“I don’t want to be a celebrity minister, I just feel so strongly about this.

“It’s political correctness gone wrong.

“The Lord’s Prayer is the cornerstone of our faith and our country.”

Anyone who would like to join Mr Binks with his protest outside the cinema in Corby or Kettering can call him on 07914 270842.