Corby man who had a gun in his house told he could go to jail

Magistrates Court  :Corby:  Corby Magistrates Court'Friday 26th February 2014
Magistrates Court :Corby: Corby Magistrates Court'Friday 26th February 2014

Police found a handgun when they searched a Corby man’s house.

Shane Anthony McGuinness, 26, of Thorne Court was discovered to have the Kimar 911 in his house when officers arrived to conduct a search in September.

McGuinness appeared before town magistrates today (Friday, November 21) to admit a charge of posessing a gun without a firearms licence.

He told the court that he had bought two guns off the internet from a dealer in Wales believing they were starting pistols that could not fire live rounds.

He said he had only ever intended to display them in a cabinet in his room.

But McGuinness had fired one of the guns in his garden to see if it worked or not. He had also bought ammunition legally off the internet.

When police took the guns from his house, they were examined by an armoury expert who found one of the guns was capable of firing.

After hearing McGuinness had previous convictions for violence, and that he was subject to a suspended jail sentence at the time of the offence, magistrates said that the case was too serious for them to sentence. They ordered a pre-sentence report from the probation service which will include the possibility of a jail term.

McGuinnness will appear at crown court next month for sentencing.