Corby man to walk continually for 44 hours as part of #Challenge439 fundraiser

Martin Norton with the hospice's community fundraiser Marina Rae
Martin Norton with the hospice's community fundraiser Marina Rae

This man has set himself the challenge of walking around Corby continually for 44 hours.

Martin Norton has teamed up with Paul Marlow from Lakelands Hospice to take on the walk next month.

They will be walking continually for one hour for every 10 of the 439 patients Lakelands’ Hospice at Home service has cared for.

Martin said: “I started a company in Corby last year called No Limits Adventure and we do walks and survival stuff.

“We thought we would really like to do something for charity and we chose Lakelands.

“We are putting on a survival event later in the year and they told me about #Challenge439 so I thought it would be good to do an endurance event for it.

“The challenge is one hour for every 10 people helped by Lakelands’ Hospice at Home service.”

During the walk, Martin and Paul will only be allowed two minutes off every hour, which they can bank and save for a longer break later on, and must carry all their own supplies except water.

They plan to start from Lakelands Hospice on June 29 and complete the route of about 120 miles before finishing in Corby town centre on July 1.

It is hoped people will join them and walk with them for a section of the route, including schools and businesses.

Martin admitted walking through the night might be hard, but added: “I think we will be alright if everyone gets behind us, we want people to beep their horns when they see us.

“I think the people of Corby will get us through.”

#Challenge439 is raising money in recognition of the 439 patients who have been cared for towards the end of their lives by the Hospice at Home team.

The fundraiser is taking place throughout June with a target of raising £10,000.

This year will be the third time the hospice has run its #Challenge fundraising event.

Martin said: “We wanted to support Lakelands because it’s a local charity and it’s totally funded by fundraising.

“It’s local to me as I live on the Oakley Vale estate, I think they do a great job and it’s a great charity that deserves our help to raise the money.”

Martin is hoping to raise as much money as possible for Lakelands, but he also has a personal target of raising the most amount of money from a single event for #Challenge439.

Last year saw Lorna McFadyen as the top individual fundraiser with £1,729.36 so Martin’s target is to raise at least £1,730 and hopefully lots more.

Anyone who would like to support Martin and Paul with the walk can click here