Corby man tells magistrates ‘I’m not going to accept sentence’

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A Corby man who claimed he could not complete 270 hours of unpaid work because he had a bad back was warned he could go to jail after he argued with magistrates over his sentence.

Kyle Fallow, of Carltonwood Close, Corby, was ordered last December to complete the community penalty as part of a sentence for driving while disqualified.

However, when he appeared before Corby magistrates today, they were told he had completed just one hour of the sentence - and that hour was an assessment by the probation service.

He claimed he had torn muscles in his back and so was unfit to do the work.

Mitigating, Gill Walker said that Fallow was not working at the moment due to the injury, although he was receiving benefits, so if magistrates chose to impose a fine he may have issues paying it.

Explaining why a curfew may also not be appropriate, she said: “He has a partner and three children and they have two weddings to go to in August and September in Scotland, and his eldest daughter is very good at Thai boxing and is part of the British team and he says he has to take her all over the country.

“He’s got a bad back, torn muscles. It’s one of these where the doctors can’t say how long it might take.”

Chair of the bench Mark Bates said: “There’s really no alternative to a curfew.

“This is going to cause you an inconvenience but that’s the result of the original offending.”

Mr Baker told Fallow told him the curfew would be mean him wearing an electronic tag 7pm to 7am each day for the next three months, but took the unusual step of allowing him time off from the curfew to attend his family weddings.

However, Fallow became angry and began to argue with the magistrates.

Mr Baker said: “This is a court, now be careful. We can send you to prison for two months. Are you going to listen to me?”

Fallow said: “Only if I can have my say after. I’ll do the 270 hours in pain. I’m not having my daughter suffering.”

He then interrupted magistrates three times, saying: “I’m not going to accept it.”

But magistrates told him to leave the court and imposed the curfew anyway, ordering him to pay £50 costs.

He continued to shout outside of the court room.