Corby man to investigate paranormal activity at '˜haunted' house in Hull

A Corby man will be among those spending Friday the 13th in a house believed to be haunted by its past.

Dennis Binks is going to stay in the house in Hull on Friday, May 13
Dennis Binks is going to stay in the house in Hull on Friday, May 13

Dennis Binks from Corby is one of five members of the Northamptonshire Paranormal Investigation Team who are heading to Hull on Friday, May 13.

They will be sleeping over at a seven-bedroom detached house in De Grey Street, which is known as The Hostel and has been empty for many years due to reports of mysterious goings-on.

These include people being dragged by invisible forces and objects flying through the air.

It is believed that the property used to be a hospice for terminally ill children and the longest tenant in recent years lasted just four days in the house.

Mr Binks, a minister at the Candle of Light Spiritual Church in Corby, said: “We are going there on Friday, May 13.

“We have got five of us going and we are staying there all night.

“We have had to sign a waiver to say we are doing it of our own free will.”

The paranormal team has been active for some years, and Mr Binks said: “I am the minister of a spiritual church and this is what we do.

“I think there’s something there that’s not right, I think there is something there that’s trying to inflict pain on people.

“In any walk of life, you have light and dark, but I am a minister and I go with God.

“I have done some terrible houses in the past that other ministers wouldn’t go near, but I have never done anything like this where there has been a long-standing history.

“We will do a lot of protection prayers and we will be there until the next morning.

“I believe in angels, I believe in good people and I will bring our good people from the spirit world to try to fill the place with love and light and try to get these children or whoever is doing this into the hands of God.”

The team will be taking its own equipment to make recordings, take pictures and hopefully capture evidence of any paranormal activity.

Mr Binks said: “We are investigators so we will investigate anything, we have got equipment, we have got cameras and sensors which will pick up anything before we pick it up.”

He added: “Some people’s houses we have been to have been difficult, but we promise the people that we will never run out or leave them.

“For 10 years we have always done so.

“This is what we do, we go there with interest and we go there with the love of God.

“This needs sorting.

“This was supposed to be a house of love and light, where families grow up and children can nourish and love, but these children need help and we are going there with the intention of helping them and gathering information.”