Corby, Kettering, Rushden and Wellingborough all above national employment average

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All four major towns in the north of the county are above the national employment rate average, statistics out today (Wednesday) have revealed.

The national employment rate now stands at 74.6 per cent, with 31.84 million people in work.

But Corby (78.1 per cent), Kettering (82.4 per cent), Rushden (79.7 per cent) and Wellingborough (76.2 per cent) are all above the national average.

Job Seekers’ Allowance claimant rates have all increased but a DWP spokesman said this was down to Universal Credit.

The spokesman said: “The claimant count for Northamptonshire remains in a healthy position and although it has increased slightly on last year this is a result of Universal Credit.

“The Universal Credit Full Conditionality group covers a broader span of claimants than JSA – so an increase in this number is not unexpected and we are working closely with Universal Credit customers to move then into a job, then a better job then hopefully a career or their dream job.”

The spokesman added that there would be jobs fairs in Wellingborough on February 21 and March 7, and March 8 seeing an apprentice jobs fair.

In Kettering they are working with a new training provider, Training 4 U Services UK Limited, and regularly have Care Solutions on site holding interviews for care home workers.

The Jobcentre continues to work closely with the Rushden Lakes development.