Corby keep-fit model puts photoshoot at steak

Peter Towers with the 48oz Titanic steak
Peter Towers with the 48oz Titanic steak
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A Corby personal trainer ate more food than most eat in a week – including a 48oz steak.

Peter Towers, who is based at Den’s Gym in Cannock Road in the town, takes part in a promotional photoshoot at the end of October.

And he decided to treat himself to one final “cheat day” a month ahead of the shoot on Sunday, October 26 – during which he wolfed down the so-called “Titanic” steak at the Old Red Lion pub in Welham, Leicestershire.

Customers are told by the pub that the £24.99 rump steak cannot be cooked well done because of its sheer size.

Peter has since received his certificate to verify he successfully ate the 1.36kg piece of meat.

But after having seen off the Titanic, he is now in the middle of an intense fitness regime after which he will have a maximum of eight per cent body fat.

The body fat percentage for the average adult male is typically between 18 and 24 per cent.

Mr Towers, of Westbury Walk, who is also a fitness model, said: “Due to me being four weeks out from my shoot I decided to have one last cheat day.

“I woke at 4am and started to consume food. I started with good intentions to keep it clean but that soon changed.”

By 7am the 26-year-old had already eaten 200g of oats, strawberries, raisins and protein shakes, 10 eggs, a packet of basmati rice and a 400g chicken and pasta pot.

Before the steak at 4pm – which itself was accompanied by chips, salad, peas and a pint of Guinness, followed by a toffee cheesecake with ice cream – the father of two girls and one boy had a fry-up at JD’s Breakfast House in High Street, Weldon.

And when he returned home in the evening he discovered his partner Lynn Thom had been cooking a special meal for him, knowing he would have to cut down on what he ate from the following day.

He said he would have felt bad refusing that dinner after the effort she had gone to. He added: “As much as I’d have happily turned the meal down I felt really guilty and forced a three-course meal down.”

Talking about the day as a whole, he said: “I knew after that particular day I would have to go super-strict to get my body fat back down.

“I never anticipated I would be binging as much as I did that day. But it’s made it more of a challenge.

“I’m using my photoshoot to promote myself as a personal trainer.

“I’m also helping to promote a new gym which has opened recently – Gym 11 in Market Harborough.”