Corby health: Time to tackle obesity, smoking and lifestyles

Dr Peter Wilczynski
Dr Peter Wilczynski
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It’s time for Corby to tackle the problems of obesity and smoking-related illness and strive for healthier family lifestyles.

That’s the finding of a new report by Public Health England.

Its Health Profile 2013 study shows Corby is significantly worse than the average results for England in 12 categories.

The town is facing a range of problems with higher levels of deprivation and violent crime than the average for England and lower GCSE attainment levels.

The town’s record for smoking in pregnancy, alcohol-specific hospital stays among the under 18s and teenage pregnancies are also all significantly worse than the average for England.

It’s the same story for hospital stays for self-harm and alcohol-related harm, smoking-related deaths and early deaths from cancer.

Life-expectancy is shorter too, for men and women.

The health profile of the town suggests its priorities should be reducing smoking and obesity and making improvements to ensure healthy family lifestyles, as well as finding ways to achieve better educational attainment.

Youth programme manager for Groundwork North Northamptonshire, Anne-Marie Lawson, said: “We run a scheme teaching young people about sexual health and another eight-week course on alcohol awareness and we’ve had huge success.

“In addition, there are so many great facilities in Corby. Just look at the swimming pool and the gyms, the sports and fitness projects, the walking clubs and football teams for girls and boys.

“Young people understand the importance of healthy eating, exercise and being safe and well. We are making a difference but things won’t change overnight.

“There’s a lot going on in Corby and improvements are being made.”

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