Corby Hackney cabs set for 10 pence fare rise

Taxi!  Corby:  Taxi Rank George St 'Thursday March 8th   February 2012
Taxi! Corby: Taxi Rank George St 'Thursday March 8th February 2012

Hackney Carriage fares are set to be increased by 10 pence in Corby after a plea from cab owners.

The rise comes after Corby Hackney Taxi Owners’ Organisation (CHTOA) requested the town council to discuss a possible price change.

Corby Council planning and environmental services officer Damian Wilkins said the plea was reasonable.

He said: “I think the request was very reasonable.

“In this town people do not have a lot of disposable income and use taxis a lot.

“So taxi drivers have a very, very fine balance between hiking their fares and finding that they will not have customers because people can’t afford it. But they need to make a living.”

The taxi flag rate of £1.80 will stay the same but the initial yardage, when 10 pence will be added onto the starting rate, has changed from 506 yards to 387 yards.

This effectively means that 10 pence will be added to the fare after the initial 387 yards of the journey, making every taxi journey only ten pence more no matter the length.

The motion was passed through with a majority decision by the One Corby Policy Committee.

However, Conservative councillors at the meeting voted against the proposal.

Leader of Corby’s Conservative Party, Cllr David Sims said: “We can not justify this increase in the taxi rate because that will get passed on to the people who are most vulnerable.”

Cllr Sims added that they sympathise with the taxi drivers, but they would have to be against any increase in taxi rates because there are a lot of people struggling in these economic times and people who use taxis a lot in Corby.

The change will now be advertised by the council and the public will have 21 days to raise their objections, if any are raised the decision will be called back to be discussed at another meeting.

Corby Council is responsible for setting the fare of Hackney taxis in the area but if somebody from the taxi owners organisation requests a change to fares than the council must discuss this.

Despite the 10 pence increase Corby Hackney Carriages remain the cheapest in the county and one of the cheapest in the country.

The Telegraph published a story on November 8 about the fare increase which included inaccuracies.

We wrongly stated that there had been no objections to the increase and that rise the new starting rate will be increased by 10 pence from £1.70 to £1.80 and 10 pence will be added to the starting rate after every 506 yards, 238 yards less than before.

We also stated a taxi journey of a mile will increase by 30 pence, from £2.60 to £2.90. But all journeys will only increase by ten pence.

The Telegraph apologises for the inaccuracies of the previous article.