Corby GPs set to take over local NHS services

Dr Peter Wilczynski
Dr Peter Wilczynski

GPs in Corby are on their way to taking over the planning of health care services in the town.

NHS Corby Clinical Commissioning Group will take over healthcare commissioning from NHS Northamptonshire Primary Care Trust in April.

The group has now been authorised by the NHS National Commissioning Board to become a standalone statutory NHS organisation. This means that it is considered able to handle Corby’s local commissioning budget and make clear decisions about how services will be designed and where they should be delivered.

Dr Peter Wilczynski, clinical chairman of NHS Corby Clinical Commissioning Group, said: “It’s great news that the group has now passed all the stages to become an statutory body. Now we can concentrate on the important things as we prepare to take over from NHS Northamptonshire in April.

“There will be difficult decisions to be made. We have a tough financial climate, our hospital services are under a lot pressure, and in Corby we have an ageing population. These can’t be ignored. However, our first and foremost priority is ensuring that people across Corby have access to high quality NHS services which meet their needs.”

The authorisation process assesses every clinical commissioning group against a set of 119 criteria.

The Corby group has been authorised with two conditions and it will now continue to work to address them to ensure it is fully compliant and authorised to assume full statutory responsibility from April 1.

The new GP-led clinical commissioning system will focus on delivering improved clinical outcomes, patient safety, quality, innovation, public participation and patient experience that will bring real benefits to patients and the public.

The Corby group is one of 62 in the third wave to be assessed and given the all-clear to take on full local commissioning responsibilities in April.

Nationally there will be 211 CCGs across the country.

The clinical commissioning group will take over responsibility from NHS Northamptonshire, while the rest of the county will be commissioned by neighbouring NHS Nene Clinical Commissioning Group.

This means NHS Corby CCG will decide how and where local NHS services should be delivered by planning and purchasing NHS services for local people from hospital trusts and other organisations.