Corby girl writes to Northants County Council over streetlights

Caris Bagnall, eight, with her great-grandparents  Tony and Margaret Andrews
Caris Bagnall, eight, with her great-grandparents Tony and Margaret Andrews

A primary school pupil has written to the county council to complain about the lack of street lighting in Corby.

Caris Bagnall, eight, says she is worried that elderly people – including her great-grandparents – could be more likely to fall over in unlit streets.

She has already fallen over herself and is concerned that others might be more likely to do so, and do themselves harm, in areas where lights were switched off as part of a county council cost-saving measure approved in 2011.

In her letter to county council officials, Caris says: “I wish to complain about the lighting around Danesholme Junior School, Corby. I don’t feel safe when I am leaving my after-school club as there is very poor lighting and I have already fallen over.

“I am eight years of age but I’m also worried about older people getting hurt. I hope you are going to take this letter seriously and reply to me.”

Caris is particularly concerned about her great-grandparents, who live in Bergen Walk.

Mum Jenna Bagnall said: “She was more concerned about my gran and grandad, and where they live they have taken out the streetlights.

“She decided to do it completely off her own back.

“She had already tripped over. She is always trying to think of other people.

“She’s only eight. It’s not usual for a child at school to think of doing something like that. I am very proud of her.”

Jenna said she herself had also noticed the problem, adding: “It’s something she has noticed with the winter months.

“You find that, especially when you are on your own, it is very dark, very unnerving.”

Caris’s letter has been forwarded to county council chief executive Paul Blantern and council leader Jim Harker by local borough councillor Chris Stanbra.

The county council says it was glad Caris had taken in upon herself to get in touch with them.

In a statement, a spokesman for the authority, which is replacing, upgrading or removing every streetlight in the county before next year, said: “We are grateful to Miss Bagnall for writing to us and bringing the issue to our attention.

“We can confirm that we have received the letter and will be contacting her directly with a response.”

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