Corby girl joins citizenship scheme

Volunteers on the citizenship scheme
Volunteers on the citizenship scheme
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A 15-year-old Corby girl will be taking part in the National Citizen Service (NCS) scheme this summer.

Amy Beer, 15, will spend four weeks enjoying a host of activities including archery and raft-building, as well as a residential course, CV workshops and a social action project which gives young people an opportunity to give something back to their community.

Amy said: “My parents were very supportive when I told them I wanted to take part in NCS. I heard about the programme during a school assembly, and my parents thought it was a really great idea – so I signed up.

“I thought it would be a good opportunity to meet new people and get involved in things I normally wouldn’t do. I was so happy when I found out I’d been accepted, and I really can’t wait to start my journey with NCS.

“Other Corby young people considering taking part in NCS should do it. It’s a good opportunity to try new things, and the long-term benefits, like building your CV, make it the perfect way to spend part of summer.”

NCS is a flagship Government initiative which provides young people with the chance to take part in new challenges, experience exciting activities, make long-lasting friends and develop vital skills to support them later in life.

Amy’s father John said: “We were really happy when Amy told us about NCS. Not only is the programme a great way to spend four weeks during summer, but it also encourages independence and responsibility within young people to make them more well-rounded as adults.

“If a programme like this had been available when I was younger, I definitely would have taken part.

“Amy’s mother and I are sure she’s going to benefit from the programme because it will allow her a chance to give back to the community, in addition to providing her with a sense a responsibility and other abilities that will be useful throughout her life, all while helping others in the community.

“With food, supervision, transport and two weeks of accommodation included in the £35 charge, NCS must be the bargain of the year. Amy is at a stage in her life when she wants more independence and this programme provides it for her within a safe and fun environment.”

Lincolnshire and Rutland Education Business Partnership (EBP) has been selected to run this year’s NCS programme for young people in Lincolnshire, Rutland, Leicestershire and Northamptonshire.

The EBP is currently leading a team of delivery partners across the four counties, under the name of NCS EM1. It is looking to recruit more than 2,400 young people and 150 mentors to take part in the summer programme.

Phil Everett, communications officer for NCS EM1, said: “NCS is a fantastic opportunity for young people to try new things, learn new skills and give something back to the community where they live.

“With unemployment rates soaring and the number of young people competing for university places, apprenticeships and jobs steadily increasing, NCS offers a way for young people to get a step ahead of the rest.”

Anyone who would like more information is asked to call 01522 574152, email or visit and