Corby dog owners reminded of microchipping laws

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Corby Council is reminding dog owners that their pet must be microchipped.

Figures of stray dogs are at a record low thanks after the introduction of compulsory micro chipping last year but with around 181 dogs going missing across the country every day, the council is reminding people that they must ensure their four-legged friend is microchipped and that the information is up-to-date.

Corby Council’s environmental protection and private sector housing manager, Amy Plank, said: “Thousands of dogs go missing every year and are not returned to their owners, simply because they have no form of identification.

“By having a microchip implanted, this can assist in having your pet returned to you as soon as possible should this happen.

“With our microchipping services, a trained officer will even come to your house to ensure the process is as quick and easy as possible.

“Once the microchip is inserted it is important that you keep the information up to date.”

Dog owners are legally required to ensure that their dog is microchipped by the time they are eight-weeks-old. The law came into force in April 2016.

The law aims to improve animal welfare by making it easier to return a stray dog to its owner, develop responsible dog ownership and deter dog theft.

The implanted microchip assists in having pets returned to their owners as soon as possible if it goes missing.

Up-to-date microchip details can also prevent unnecessary overnight stays in kennels, which can be traumatic for many pets and costly to the owner.

Corby Council can microchip a dog with a lifetime guarantee for £10 and the trained officer goes to the owner’s house.

To make an appointment, call the One Stop Shop on (01536) 464000.

If local authorities come across a dog without a microchip, owners will have up to 21 days to comply with the law or be fined.