Corby Council to crack down on chewing gum litter

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Corby Council is one of 11 authorities in the country to back a new campaign aiming to crack down on the littering of chewing gum.

Today (Tuesday) sees the official launch of the Chewing Gum Action Group’s (CCAG) national chewing gum campaign.

One in four places in the UK still has unacceptable levels of litter, and whilst worst offenders are cigarette butts, sweet wrappers and soft drinks bottles, recent research by CCAG, in partnership with Corby, reveals that chewing gum and chewing gum staining are also part of the ongoing litter problem.

To tackle the issue, wardens at Corby Council have monitored gum litter over the borough and will monitor levels after the campaign has commenced in the hope of seeing a reduction.

The annual campaign sees representatives from the chewing gum industry, the Government, environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy and the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management working with councils and partners across the UK to reduce littered gum.

The 2015 campaign saw chewing gum litter reduce by an average of 48 per cent in participating areas, demonstrating the momentous impact CCAG’s campaign work has on littering behaviour.

Corby Council’s lead member for environment, Cllr Mark Pengelly, said: “Chewing gum that has been dumped on the ground can make the borough look untidy, not to mention be a nuisance when stuck to the bottom of your shoe.

“We want to raise awareness around the fact that chewing gum is a form of litter and should always be disposed of in an appropriate way.

“Hopefully by engaging with residents and displaying colourful posters around the borough, we can catch people’s attention and make them think twice about where they dispose of their unwanted gum.”

Allison Ogden-Newton, chief executive at Keep Britain Tidy, a partner in the CGAG, said: “Littering is often seen as someone else’s fault and everyone else’s problem.

“For over 10 years we’ve been committed to raising awareness of littered gum and using creative ways to get people to stop and think.

“By partnering with local communities like Corby to get the message across, we can all work together to tackle the problem.”

Corby is one of eleven local authorities and partners from across the UK taking part in this year’s campaign, monitoring gum litter.

Locations include Colchester, Corby, Hackney, Harrow, Hounslow, Kensington and Chelsea, Maidstone, North Ayreshire, Oldham and Chester.