Corby Council’s acting chief executive: I’ll do the job my way

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The acting chief executive of Corby Council says he will do the job his own way.

Norman Stronach was appointed as acting chief executive yesterday, following the departure of Chris Mallender.

He says he will be less visible than his predecessor and will be aiming to make his own mark on the position.

Mr Stronach, 55, is originally from Aberdeen and arrived in Corby via Hull and Northampton.

He has worked for the council for nine years and has been heavily involved in the many regeneration projects which have taken place in the borough, including the railway station, pool and the ongoing Willowbrook Urgent Care Centre project.

Mr Stronach said: “The agenda for what the council aims to do and its ambitions remain the same.

“I won’t simply be replicating how it was done in the past – I will be putting my own stamp on it.

“Personnel may change but the ambition remains the same. By 2030 we want to double the population and we want to provide the best services we can to the people of Corby.

“We have had a very challenging budget-setting process. If the goalposts remain the same with the Government grant, it will be less challenging next year and thereafter.

“This is a new chapter for Corby Council. We have had good success over the past few years in attracting public and private sector investment. Things are far more difficult now with the economic downturn and the availability of public funds for projects like the Cube and the enterprise centre.

“But we will continue to seek every form of public funding available and work to attract investment. Corby remains open for business.”

Mr Stronach said the short-term aim was to get the cinema project up and running. He said an achievable scenario is the demolition being finished by April or May, getting a developer on site this year and the cinema opening by the end of 2013 or start of 2014.

He said: “It is a marathon not a sprint. While things are inevitably slowing down, we are not going to lose the ambition.

“I will do the job in the way I want to do it, and I suspect I will be less visible than my predecessor. I bring experience, lots of local knowledge and a lot of new enthusiasm for the role.”