Corby Council proposes council tax freeze

The 19/20 budget looks likely to be the last one ever set by Corby Borough Council.
The 19/20 budget looks likely to be the last one ever set by Corby Borough Council.

Corby Council is proposing to freeze its share of the council tax bill for the year ahead.

In what looks likely to be the authority’s last budget ahead of an expected move to unitary council’s next year, Corby Council is not proposing to ask residents for any more money towards its services. A Corby resident living in a Band D property currently pays £189.50 a year for the services provided by the borough council.

The cost of council tax for Corby residents will increase overall, however, as the amount paid to the Corby authority makes up just 12 per cent of the total bill.

The county council is proposing to increase its levy by just under five percent this year, after it was given a special privilege by central government to help get its finances in order, and the police and fire authorities are also proposing to increase their precepts.

A report to be considered by the council at the One Corby Policy meeting tomorrow (Feb 19) says that in years ahead the level of service may have to be reduced because of financial constraints.

It says: “For future years the financial situation could remain uncertain as we look to move toward two unitary councils within Northamptonshire and if government cuts continue or if business rates reduce.

“It is widely accepted in local government that at some point we may have to stop providing the level and range of services that we currently do. Consideration therefore also needs to be given to which services will be given the most priority in respect of this.”

In its final year Corby Council is also planning on spending £5m, which is half of what it has in reserves, on a series of improvements across the town which will include revamps of many of the town’s shopping precincts, an extension to the town’s cemetery and a new all-weather pitch at Lodge Park Sports Centre.

The authority is also proposing to give a two per cent pay rise to staff and take on 10 additional members of staff.

A decision about whether to freeze its share of the council tax and agree the 2019/20 budget will be made by the full council on Thursday, February 27.