Corby Council leader vows to improve people’s health

Cllr Tom Beattie has vowed to tackle the health of people in Corby
Cllr Tom Beattie has vowed to tackle the health of people in Corby

Tom Beattie, who has retained his role as leader of Corby Council, has said he is keen to continue supporting regeneration and improving healthcare in the town.

Speaking after the Labour Party retained control of the council last week, he said: “My main priority is to continue with regeneration projects in Corby, including building more affordable and council housing, to make sure infrastructure is in place to support population growth.

“We want to create more employment opportunities and to make the town a place people want to bring their families to work and live.”

On the provision of healthcare in the town, Cllr Beattie said: “This is a key challenge to improve on and we want to work with NHS partners to develop new and existing healthcare sites to ensure at least 80 per cent of all healthcare needs in Corby are met.

“As Corby has quite a young population, this includes addressing prevention of poor health, so we will be promoting activeness through our leisure facilities, cycling and walking.”

Labour councillors won the vast majority of votes across Corby wards.

Mr Beattie said: “Going into the elections I was confident that, if people were judging us on our record of success, then we would do OK. But we did grow a little concerned as we saw the patterns of seats forming across the country. We want to repay the faith the people of Corby have placed in us.”