Corby Council leader re-elected

Tom Beattie.
Tom Beattie.

Tom Beattie was formally re-elected as leader of Corby Council last night (Tuesday).

Before proceedings took place the former mayor, Cllr Julie Riley, led the room in a one minute silence in respect of the tragic attack in Manchester.

Cllr Beattie, on accepting his re-election as leader, began his speech by paying tribute to those that have suffered.

He said: “I would like to begin, by saying a few words about the tragic events that took place in Manchester.

“I am sure I speak for all in this room when I say that the people of Corby are united in their support and solidarity for the people of Manchester and that we send our deepest sympathy and our thoughts to those killed and injured, their families and their loved ones.

“Manchester is a tough and resilient city, the birthplace of the industrial revolution.

“It has come through some dark days, none darker than last night.

“I am sure Manchester will do what it has done before.

“It will emerge stronger and more united than ever before and we wish them well.”

He then went on to say he is looking forward to the challenge and thanked those who helped him in a period of ill health.

He said: “I am very proud and honoured to have once again been elected to lead Corby Council.

“It is a great honour and privilege and one that I take very seriously.

“The last 12 months have been difficult for me and I would like to say a big thank you to those who have really stepped up to the plate during my absence due to ill health.

“I’m happy to say that I am now restored to rude health and am looking forward to the challenges ahead.

“And there are many challenges. Irrespective of the outcome of the general election and who might form the next Government, local government needs to get on with delivering the services that our residents pay for and expect.

“We will be doing that against the backdrop of continuing reductions in financial support from central government.

“The future shape of local government organisation across the county of Northamptonshire is a major issue, we are aware of the county council’s enthusiasm for a single unitary council across the whole of the county.

“It is, of course, public knowledge that this has not met with the approval of the other districts and boroughs.

“I have made it clear that there will be no change to the status of Corby Council without the widest possible consultation both with elected members and public more generally.

“This isn’t about self-preservation but ensuring that the people of Corby and our outlying villages have the best possible form of representation and the most effective delivery of services.

“Corby remains a place with huge ambitions.

“I was very pleased to find out recently that we had been shortlisted by the Academy of Urbanism as one of the UK and Ireland’s three great towns.

“This is recognition of the great strides this place has made in recent years and the regeneration that you see all around you. Corby is a great place and I want it to remain that way.

“I look forward to the challenges ahead and to working with all councillors across party divides to deliver the best for those who have elected us.”

Cllr Jean Addison was also re-elected as deputy leader of Corby Council.

Cllr Rob McKellar was appointed as leader of the Conservative Group and Cllr David Sims was made deputy leader.

The lead members are:

Finance - Cllr Elise Elliston

Housing - Cllr Bob Eyles

Environment - Cllr Mark Pengelly

Community - Cllr John McGhee