Corby Conservatives hit out at former MP Louise Mensch

Former Corby MP Louise Mensch and leader of the Conservative group on Corby Council David Sims at a public engagement
Former Corby MP Louise Mensch and leader of the Conservative group on Corby Council David Sims at a public engagement

The Conservative group on Corby Council has blamed the town’s former MP Louise Mensch for hindering their work in Corby.

Mrs Mensch resigned in August to move to New York with her three children to live with her husband, Metallica manager Peter Mensch.

The seat was taken from the Conservatives by Labour’s Andy Sawford in a by-election in November.

Cllr David Sims, leader of the Conservative group on the borough council, said: “It could be very frustrating for us at times when Louise Mensch was in office.

“The local Conservatives are not clones from Central Office or career politicians sent in by the party, but hard-working Corby people who care deeply about the town and who are involved in local politics to further Corby’s interests and to help bring this great place the bright future it deserves. Of course we wanted to win the recent by-election, but we are now in a position where the new Team Corby Conservatives will have the freedom to do things the Corby way.”

The Conservative group said that having an MP from outside the area often hindered their pro-Corby agenda and that Mrs Mensch’s departure gives them the opportunity to work at a much more local level.

Cllr Sims’ reforms of the local party will include establishing a Team Corby, with a representative living in each of the neighbourhoods within the town and its surrounding villages being appointed to work with their local community and speak up for the people living there, a Corby Conservative Future for young people in the town, and a Corby Conservative Christian Fellowship.

The Conservative Leader has also appointed Corby’s youngest Councillor, Cllr Rob McKellar, 25, to act as the group’s Champion for Corby Young People.

The group’s new Conservative Future branch in the town is open to young people from 15 to 30 years and is recruiting new members.

Conservative Champion for Corby Young People, Cllr Rob McKellar, said “We want young people to be actively involved in making the big decisions about Corby’s future.

“We want to give them the opportunity to contribute their ideas, have their say and share their concerns. Corby’s youth have so much to offer the town and we hope that the new Corby Conservative Future branch will help get them involved and whip up real enthusiasm for local politics.”

The Corby Conservative Christian Fellowship will operate as a pilot scheme with a view to creating a fellowship’ for each of Corby’s major faiths, along with an all faiths Seminar to advise on general policy and community cohesion.

Cllr David Sims said, “The fellowships will play an important role in helping to build local policies which are founded upon morality, kindness and social responsibility.

“It is vital that local people are able to trust their councillors to be compassionate, understanding and kindhearted. This is what the Team Corby Conservatives are all about. We will be a modern, ethical, 21st century team, dedicated to doing what is right for Corby and right for its people.”

The Team Corby Conservatives are expected to announce their first neighbourhood representatives in March this year and are working with local volunteers to build the team.

Anybody interested in joining Team Corby or the Conservative Christian Fellowship can contact David Sims on 07966 221591 or email

To join Corby Conservative Future contact Rob McKellar 07874 628405 or email