Corby charity needs your votes to win £50,000 to kit out homeless shelter

Corby Nightlight's new home.
Corby Nightlight's new home.

A Corby charity which helps rough sleepers needs your help to try to win funding for its new homeless shelter.

Corby Nightlight hopes to open a new shelter in Wood Street after leaving its Church of the Epiphany home.

It has been shortlisted in Jewson’s ‘Building Better Communities’ award - but requires votes from local people to claim the £50,000 first prize.

Paul Millen, a co-ordinator at Corby Nightlight, says the money would go a long way to reducing homelessness in the town.

He said: “Homelessness is quite a big issue.

“We helped an average of about eight to 10 people a night at our old shelter and some nights we had 15 there.

“For a small town that’s quite a lot of people.

“We’re wanting to run a new programme where, yes they can get a house and stay in it, but they need to work on their problems as well.

“We’re not going to deal with these things by providing a doss house.”

Nightlight hopes to open its home, complete with a drop-in centre, by October depending on change of use permission from Corby Council.

The facility would offer two sleeping rooms/dorms, showers (which Mr Millen says homeless shelters haven’t provided in Corby before), clothes washing facilities, a dining room and kitchen area.

Mr Millen added: “We will always offer a hot meal to anyone.

“We want to be open in October and we need to be open in the winter.

“It’s going to be really difficult to do this work when there’s people living in there which is why we’d love to win this money.

“Please vote for us because it’s going to have a massive positive impact on Corby.”

Corby Nightlight is the only Northamptonshire entry to make Jewson’s final shortlist.

To vote, click here and follow the instructions to vote on Facebook.

Voting closes on June 16.