Corby campaign for town to adopt Tibetan community


A meeting is being held in Corby to gather support for plans for the town to adopt a village in Tibet.

The meeting will take place in the council chamber in The Cube on Wednesday, September 11, when a presentation will be given by the Rigul Trust, a UK charity supporting the health clinic and primary school in Rigul village.

Corby councillor Bob Riley, who organised the meeting with Cllr Jean Addison, said: “A proposal will be put to the next full council meeting for the authority, and the town, to adopt this community.

“If it is successful, then Corby Council would be the first authority in the UK to adopt a Tibetan village.

“This project will involve no use of public funding. If it goes ahead, we would rely on fundraising.”

Rigul village is in a remote region of Tibet where harsh winters can last for six months.

It’s school provides education and two hot meals a day for 60 children, many of whom walk for more than an hour to attend lessons there.

The village clinic provides care for 10,000 people a year.

Anyone interested in finding out more about the Rigul Trust and its work and the proposal for Corby to adopt a Tibetan village is welcome to attend the meeting, which starts at 7pm.