Corby author publishes book on internet safety

Nicola Lonie with her book and the Dutch translation
Nicola Lonie with her book and the Dutch translation

A Corby woman has received high praise after publishing her first book on internet safety for children with autism.

Nicola Lonie’s book, Online Safety for Children and Teens on the Autism Spectrum, has been published by London publisher Jessica Kingsley.

And with her work translated into Dutch and re-published, Nicola is delighted with the excellent reviews she has received.

She said: “It’s been received really well and I think the fact it’s been translated shows there is a need for it elsewhere.

“Parents are becoming complacent but it’s their responsibility for what their children get up to on the internet.

“There’s a definite link between autism and computers, they are a haven for people who suffer in social situations.”

Nicola drew on experiences from her 18-year-old child, who is autistic, as well as the 12 years she spent working at Autism Concern.

And she believes the book is a vital resource for parents looking for advice and information.

She added: “Internet safety is a real issue for youngsters, you only have to look at the case of Gary McKinnon who has Asperger’s and hacked US defence systems.

“My book is an easy guide to why we need to be safe and includes sections on hacking and addiction.

“Children don’t know right from wrong and parents need to help prevent this.”