Cooking up for Olympic stars

A CATERING lecturer is gearing up to feed hungry athletes taking part in the Olympic Games.

John Fahy who teaches at Tresham College in Corby will be serving breakfast to the world-class sportsmen and women and their families when the Olympics and the Paralympics come to London this summer.

He may be joined by up to 45 of his catering students, who he encouraged to apply to join him.

Mr Fahy said the opportunity came about after bumping in to one of his fellow former Army colleagues while working at Wembley Stadium who happened to know Olympic head chef.

Mr Fahy, who fed the Queen at the opening of Rockingham Motor Speedway and has worked at top music concerts including gigs by Take That and Oasis, has been told to prepare to feed 20,000 people 90 different breakfasts.

He said: “With my experience it doesn’t faze me. For the students it is going to be something to remember. In 50 years’ time when they look back and it is the anniversary when people say ‘where were you?’ they can say ‘I was feeding the athletes’.”

The students, some of whoare prepared to give up their jobs to attend if they are chosen, will work as chefs and front-of-house staff at different venues being used around the capital.

Mr Fahy added: “I was going to apply for just me and my son but I thought why not involve the college, it would be great for Tresham and the whole of Northamptonshire.

“I am certain there are athletes around Northamptonshire and the UK who can’t wait and now there are another 45 people who can’t wait to go.”

“It will be a hands on experience for them and they will be able to tell future employers ‘I worked at the Olympics’.”

The students expect to find out within the next few weeks whether they have been successful.