Conservatives gain council seats in Rothwell


Two council seats in Rothwell have swung from Labour to Conservative after by-elections yesterday (Thursday).

Voters went to the polls to elect a new Rothwell representative on Kettering Council and a new Tresham ward councillor on Rothwell Town Council after the death of Alan Mills earlier this year.

The Kettering Council seat was convincingly won by Tory Cedwien Brown with 700 votes.

Nearest rival Kathleen Harris (Labour) received 498 votes, with Sam Watts (UKIP, 108 votes), Stephen Jones (Green, 75 votes) and Malcolm Adcock (Lib Dem, 67 votes) making up the rest of the candidates.

The Rothwell Town Council seat was won by Tory Thomas Morrissey with 317 votes.

Labour’s Irene James gained 270 votes, with Lib Dems’ Malcolm Adcock receiving 65 votes.

Turnout in the Kettering Council vote was 22.8 per cent, with turnout in the Rothwell Council vote 21.2 per cent.