Conservatives call for “financial mismanagement” apology from council leader

Corby, Steel Man and Corby Cube. 'Wednesday, 30 March 2011
Corby, Steel Man and Corby Cube. 'Wednesday, 30 March 2011

A political row is brewing about Corby Council’s accounts.

For the second year in a row the District Auditor has yet to sign off the Labour-run council’s annual accounts.

The Conservatives claim this is because the council has not been able to prove that they are providing value for money for the people of Corby.

The council’s director of corporate services, Adrian Sibley, said the accounts could not be signed off until the Audit Commission’s report on the The Cube is completed.

Conservative Group Leader on Corby Council, David Sims, said: “The Labour-run council has been warned by the Conservatives and the Audit Commission of their financial duty and responsibility to the people of Corby but yet again they have failed to demonstrate transparency and value for money.

“Leader of the Labour council, Tom Beattie, needs to apologise to the people of Corby for their inept and arrogant financial mismanagement; and come clean on how Labour has allowed this mismanagement of local taxpayers’ money to continue for another year.”

Conservative Party Parliamentary candidate, Christine Emmett, said: “This is yet another example of Labour’s complete disrespect for local taxpayers’ money.

“For the second year in a row the District Auditor has given a damning verdict on Labour-run Corby Council’s use of local taxpayers’ money and their complete lack of any effort to achieve value for money. This comes on the back of a number of ongoing Audit Commission investigations into the spending and conduct of Labour-run Corby Council.

“Andy Sawford needs to stand up to the Labour leadership of Corby Council and demand value for money for the people of Corby.”

Responding to the claim, Corby Council’s Director of Corporate Services, Adrian Sibley, said: “Corby Borough Council has previously agreed with the Audit Commission that an independent report on the Corby Cube should be undertaken. We have given our full co-operation in respect of this and are awaiting their findings. As the Audit Commissioner has not yet completed this work they are unable to finalise their value for money conclusion. They have, however, signed off the council’s accounts and we expect the value for money conclusion to follow shortly after the Cube report is released.”