Conservative Party chairman in town

Grant Shapps in Corby
Grant Shapps in Corby

The new co-chairman of the Conservative Party was in the county on Saturday, September 9, to lend his support for the party’s candidate for the Corby and East Northamptonshire seat.

Grant Shapps and Christine Emmett met voters in Corby’s Morrisons store, before going door-to-door across the constituency to speak to people at their homes.

Adam Simmonds, the Conservative Party’s candidate to be Northamptonshire Police Commissioner, was also there to promote his campaign.

Mr Shapps said: “Christine is our candidate for the Parliamentary seat. She’s got lots of great background and experience. In Parliament we want people who have lived and found out how to run a business.”

Mrs Emmett said: “I am here with the new police commissioner candidate, who has some great ideas for policing across the towns and villages.

“We are going to be knocking on doors across the whole of the constituency. We have delivered 70,000 leaflets since I was selected.”

“I have had great support from across the Conservative Party.”