Confectionery shops enjoy sweet success

Granny Bubbles Sweet Shop owner Leanne Knighton with some of her handmade Barley Sugar Twists
Granny Bubbles Sweet Shop owner Leanne Knighton with some of her handmade Barley Sugar Twists

Sweet-toothed confectionery fans are flocking to traditional shops which sell more than 500 types of sweet and are bucking the economic trend.

The Artlenock Shop in High Street, Irthlingborough, and Granny Bubbles Sweet Shop, in High Street, Rushden, stock everything from traditional boiled sweets and chocolates to Flying Saucers, Kop Kops, replica Wonka Bars and even genuine American sweets and candy bars.

Christmas hampers filled with a wide range of sweets and delicious treats are also a current favourite with shoppers.

And older customers enjoy paper bags with old-fashioned favourites, boiled sweets and liquorice.

Owner Leanne Knighton, 35, of Finedon, who used to run her own labelling company, started her sweet shop business a few years ago using an unexpected inheritance of £4,000.

She opened the Artlenock Shop in High Street, Irthlingborough, two years ago and her shop in Rushden the following year.

This year the business is expected to turn over £150,000 between both of the shops.

She said: “We are celebrating our second anniversary of trading at the sweetie shop in High Street, Irthlingborough.

“Although it has been extremely tough over the past few years, we are still surviving and increasing our stock lines weekly.

“We have an amazingly loyal customer base who turn up each week, come rain or shine, so we must be doing something right.

“We stock more than 500 sweets from Flying Saucers to Kop Kops and even replica Wonka Bars. We have also just started hand-making our own range of copper pan boiled sweets as well as hand-built sweetie hampers.”

She added: “I would say about 80 per cent of our customers are grown-ups. Children get a bit stuck because they are not used to seeing sweets in jars.

“We are busy, and the summer was a lot busier than I expected.

“The hampers are very popular right now because people are buying them for Christmas presents.

“Everything goes, but we have to top up the blueberry bon bons the most – anything blue goes.”