Conditions perfect for puddle-jumping splashdown at Wicksteed Park

A competitor at last year's event
A competitor at last year's event

Competitors are set to make the biggest splashes on record after the wet summer created the perfect conditions for the fifth annual World Puddle Jumping Championships at Wicksteed Park.

This year organisers have even prepared last-minute plans to ensure the event isn’t rained off if there are heavy downpours on the already saturated ground.

A special series of championship-standard puddles are being created at the park and competitors of all ages will be encouraged to jump in and make a splash, with the competition starting at 11am on Wednesday, October 25.

Judges will give scores based on things such as height of jump, enthusiasm, distance of splash and stickability (the amount of mud which clings to each competitor).

But the majority of marks will be given for the size of a competitor’s splash!

The previous biggest splashes were recorded last year, when several competitors managed to reach a distance of more than 12ft.

But 2017 saw the 11th wettest summer on record, so organisers are hoping for a new world record this year.

Event organiser Linda Cottington said: “The last thing we want is for the puddle jumping championships to be called off due to wet weather so we have put special plans in place to try and ensure the puddles are safe to jump in, not too slippery and not too deep.

“One thing is for sure though, with all the rain we have had this year, we should be in for some record-breaking splashes ad spectators will have to stand further back than normal to avoid getting soaked!

“We are advising competitors to bring a change of clothing as it may get messy!”