Concerns that people don’t know about Police and Crime Commissioner election

Concerns have been raised that people in the county are not aware of the Police and Crime Commissioner election which will take place later this year.

Elections for the new roles, which will replace police authorities, will take place on November 15 across the country and in Northamptonshire.

But members of Northamptonshire’s Police Authority raised concerns about the level of public awareness of the elections at a meeting at the end of July.

Discussing the elections, police authority member Derek Lawson said: “We have got to get a lot more publicity out there. Everyone I have spoken to, the so-called ‘man on the street’, hasn’t got a clue.

“I say to them ‘are you going to vote in November’ and they say ‘what for?’.”

Mr Lawson said a 10 or 15 per cent turnout at the elections would “not be good for democracy”.

Police authority member Jim Harker said: “It really is important we do get a good turnout so there’s a democratic mandate.”

Authority member Ben Smith said: “I think whoever the Police and Crime Commissioner is, he or she will feel much more confident if they can see a large number of people turned out in Northamptonshire.”

Authority member Robert Wootton said the secret to engaging people was “to persuade people that this will make a difference to how life in the county is going to be”.