Concern raised after syringes found near Kettering school

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A Kettering man has voiced his concerns after he came across syringes near a Kettering primary school.

Stewart McPhie came across the syringes, which have since been cleared, on the corner of Water Street and Mill Road.

The site is about 200m from St Mary’s Primary School in nearby Fuller Street.

Mr McPhie said: “I walk along Water Street when I take my partner’s son to school.

“It is usually just smashed vodka bottles that are left all over the street and in the compound that is on the corner of Mill Road and Water Street.

“In the past month the number of needles left laying around has become really concerning as there is a school just around the corner and there is nothing to stop children from accessing the compound as the gates are only standard steel, which can be slid around or climbed over.”

Mr McPhie added that he’s also seen syringes in Mill Road Park, with some containing fluid and blood.

He said: “When I took the photo it was because the needle was close enough to be seen and easily accessible for young enquiring minds.

“It’s the same in the Mill Road Park sometimes.

“Some of them still contain fluid and blood, I wouldn’t want my children to accidently end up stabbed with one.”

A Kettering Council spokesman confirmed that they cleared the syringes and advised people to contact them if they came across them again.

The spokesman said: “We would ask that if any member of the public should find needles in a public place that they contact our customer service centre who will task someone to clear them or.

“Alternatively, if they are seen on private land we will approach the landowner to have them removed lawfully and if necessary take the appropriate steps to prevent access to stop any further issues occurring.”