Companies invited to sign up to 2015 health challenge

Workplaces across the county are being invited to take part in an eight-week physical activity challenge to kick off a healthy 2015.

My Team 2015, an initiative masterminded by Workplace Challenge, will run throughout the year but will start with an eight-week long challenge running between January 5 and March 1.

Northamptonshire Sport is delivering the campaign by encouraging employees to get together with colleagues to pool their efforts and win points for their workplace by taking part in sports and physical pursuits.

They can track their progress using an online activity tracker tool and the firm with the highest number of points by March 1 will win the title of most active workplace in Northamptonshire.

Sarah Harvey from Northamptonshire Sport said: “Northamptonshire Sport are delighted to be one of the County Sports Partnerships working with Workplace Challenge, to roll out ‘My Team 2015’ across the country.

For details go to or visit www.northampton