Community representatives needeed to help if there’s a major incident in Wellingborough or Rushden

Inspector Julie Mead would like to hear from you if you'd like to be part of the IAG
Inspector Julie Mead would like to hear from you if you'd like to be part of the IAG

An appeal has been made for people from different sections of the community to help police when they are dealing with major incidents in their towns.

There are several independent advisory groups (IAG) in Northamptonshire which are called upon when there has been a significant incident in an area where the community could help police with their investigations as well as support and reassure those affected by it.

They can provide advice on diversity and equality issues, as well as issues affecting the community they represent.

Sector commander for East Northamptonshire Inspector Julie Mead said: “I am looking to recruit members for the Wellingborough and East Northants IAG.

“We need members from across the area to act as advisors and community representatives when critical or major incidents take place.”

Group members are unlikely to be called upon very often, but their role could be vital in providing a link between a community affected by crime and the police.

Insp Mead said: “What I am looking for is people from minority groups within East Northants and Wellingborough or people who are genuine representatives of the community who have good links in their community and can get information backwards and forwards between them.”

After a shooting in Rushden, Insp Mead said it was good to work with representatives from the local community to assess whether there were tensions in the community in the aftermath.

Language and cultural barriers are other areas where a member could be an important link between the police and the community, helping to see if there is any feedback or intelligence that officers are missing.

Insp Mead would love to hear from anyone interested in the role, and said: “Be our critical friend and tell us where we are going wrong.

“The last time I convened an independent advisory group was when there was a shooting in Hayway, Rushden, and the time before that was a domestic incident.

“It’s very rare that they are convened but when the chair convenes them, the problem we have got is we have got little representation in some areas.

“I want to refresh our independent advisory group.”

Members need to be actively involved in a group or community in the Wellingborough and Rushden area.

People who have experienced issues, such as youngsters getting caught up in crime or living in an area blighted by problems such as drugs, may also be able to help give an insight from their community.

Insp Mead added: “With some groups of young people we have got here, mums are working hard to get their children on the straight and narrow.

“Anyone who has had difficulties may have help to offer.

“I look forward to hearing from anyone who is interested.”

Anyone interested in joining the group can email Insp Mead on