Community objections to Little Stanion 100-home plan

Little Stanion
Little Stanion

Dangers to deer and drivers, pressure on an oversubscribed school and highway safety are among concerns raised over the final tranche of homes at Little Stanion.

The plan to build between 99 and 135 new homes to complete a decade of development at the new residential site in Corby has been criticised by the parish council.

The site - made up of two separate parcels of land - is an existing part of the masterplan for Little Stanion which, when finished, will have 970 homes.

The planning application from developer SilentPride will be considered by Corby Council’s development control committee at Tuesday’s meeting at the Corby Cube.

Members of Stanion Parish Council and Little Stanion Community Association have submitted an official objection to the scheme.

It states: “The Parish Council.. is very concerned that the provision of 99 further dwellings will; place further pressure on the school which is already full and over-subscribed; have serious consequences for highway safety on the large roundabout at the junction of the A43 and A6116 which is the only vehicular access into the village and the heavily-used Eurohub.

“Furthermore there is an ongoing issue of deer from neighbouring south wood causing accidents on Longcroft Road as they make their way to the lake presumably to drink. Increased traffic flow will worsen this situation.”

There have also been a number of objections from members of the public regarding issues such as visual amenity, traffic and parking, overdevelopment and an insufficient section 106 agreement.

A S106 is the agreement reached between the planning authority and the developer to provide community facilities to counteract the impact of the new homes on existing residents. At Little Stanion, the original S106 agreement was torn up because the site went into administration during the financial crash, and the new developer said it would not be able to fulfil the S106 obligations and finish the estate.

Instead, each completed home is subject to an £11,000 roof tax to pay back a £4.5m cash injection paid by Northamptonshire County Council to build the village primary school.

For this reason, there is also no obligation on the developer to provide affordable homes on the site.

A report to councillors at Tuesday’s meeting states recommends the application is approved subject to several conditions.

It states: “The proposal will deliver additional residential units commensurate with the vision and objectives originally set out for the new village of Little Stanion. It is considered that the proposals are in accordance with the provision of the National Planning Policy Framework as well as the adopted policy position.”