Community art project Huxlow Rocks! launched in Irthlingborough

The launch of Huxlow Rocks!
The launch of Huxlow Rocks!
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Schoolchildren have been painting rocks as part of a project to bring a little magic and mystery to the community.

Huxlow Rocks! is an interactive community art project which was launched by pupils at Huxlow Science College in Irthlingborough on Monday.

Some of the painted rocks

Some of the painted rocks

The school’s head of art Emma Wright came up with the idea after seeing a similar project in Norfolk which has attracted more than 36,000 members on its Facebook page.

Students in Years 7 and 8 have been decorating rocks and putting this message on the reverse of the stone: ‘Facebook Huxlow Rocks! Hide me or keep me! Please upload a photo.’

The painted rocks will be hidden around Irthlingborough as well as surrounding towns and villages, including Rushden, Finedon and Woodford.

Anyone who finds a painted rock, stone or pebble is asked to post a picture of it on the Facebook page, with the whole community invited to join in and get creative making their own or posting their rock pictures to the online group.

More of the painted rocks

More of the painted rocks

Mrs Wright is hoping people in and around Irthlingborough will get involved with the community project, and said: “I thought it would be a lovely idea to do here.

“It’s really accessible, fun and interactive.

“People can take the rock or leave it there for someone else to find.”

Pupils have been using paint, Sharpies and even nail varnish to paint the rocks with a range of their own designs, including animals and brightly coloured patterns.

But as the pupils are too young to be on Facebook themselves, parents have been asked to upload any pictures on their children’s behalf.

To keep up-to-date with the project, search for Huxlow Rocks! on Facebook.