Common fears over ebola

Ebola is rising and taking lives of the innocent.

If you thought that a spat at school was bad, look at this!

I asked a various number of people and they don’t actually know what ebola is; which terrifies them.

Ebola originated in Africa where there is currently an outbreak and many lives are being taken.

For people outside of Africa, there is a low threat but people are still afraid of the risks.

There have been 14,413 cases reported and 5,177 deaths which results in the biggest outbreak yet.

These days, people Google symptoms and come up with the worst possible senario.

I know someone who had a fever, sore throat and felt weak (which are typical symptoms of ebola) and in actual fact they had caught a common cold.

It is hard to diagnose due to the symptoms being quite common so doctors will look at patient history to see if there is a chance they may have come in contact with it.

Due to this, people get worried and many dial 111 or 999 which results in a hoax call and someone may need emergency, medical attention.

It can be spread by giving care to people or coming into direct contact with bodily fluids of people who have ebola, which nurses and doctors aren’t keen on either.

What worried people is that there is no licenced treatment or vaccine but drug therapies are being developed and tested.

If people have ebola they are put into isolation in intensive care to maintain their health and the health of others.

People have been trained so if they spot anyone with any symptoms to take care of them to save the UK coming into risk of it because then it may spead worldwide due to the amount of departures and tourists within the UK.

Overall, 73 per cent of people I asked are scared of ebola and do not want to take any risks.