Comedian Eddie Izzard visiting Corby school today

Eddie Izzard talks to Corby Business Academy students on his Stand Up For Europe tour to encourage young people to vote in the EU Referendum
Eddie Izzard talks to Corby Business Academy students on his Stand Up For Europe tour to encourage young people to vote in the EU Referendum

Comedian Eddie Izzard took questions from students and staff at a Corby school as part of his campaign to visit 31 places in 31 days ahead of the EU referendum.

Izzard’s tour to get young people to register for the referendum and vote to stay in Europe started on May 23, with today’s destination seeing him at Corby Business Academy.

He spoke to about 100 staff and Year 13 students about the EU and why he is backing the Remain campaign.

With his pink beret in stark contrast to the rain clouds over Corby, he spoke of his positive campaign to try and gather support for staying in.

Speaking to his Corby audience, he said: “We have opportunities in Europe, I have had these and I want all young people to have them.”

And he is very passionate about continuing this country’s connection with the EU.

He said: “I have been through tough times just admitting that I am transgender, but I am a fighter so I keep fighting for the positive things in life.”

While joking about roaming charges going up if people vote to leave the EU, he also spent a lot of time reflecting on history and how the EU was set up to ‘lock peace in.’

He said the country’s security and economy would be stronger by staying.

The comedian said the Remain campaign has many experts backing it, and that Barack Obama has told the country not to leave or it will be at the back of the queue for deals with America.

He firmly believes the country would be much stronger working with EU members rather than trying to work with them from outside the organisation.

He said: “In and forwards is right, rather than backwards and down.”

Izzard described next week’s vote as ‘the biggest vote in our lives and the next 100 years’ before asking for questions from the audience.

Issues covered included security, whether staying in would boost the economy, which myth about the EU needs to be challenged and whether the country could vote out and then try to get back in if it didn’t work.

After spending more than an hour at the school, Izzard thanked the staff and students for their time before a long queue gathered to have selfies with him.

Izzard has been appearing at universities, schools and other community events across the country during his 31-day campaign, with other locations including Birmingham, Bristol, Bath, Cardiff, Sheffield and Edinburgh.

A spokesman for Corby Business Academy, which is part of the Brooke Weston Trust, said the trust is not political and will be holding a similar event with a Brexit representative before the referendum.