Collision victim was pregnant

The inquest into the death of Jayne Jennifer Rigney was held in Kettering
The inquest into the death of Jayne Jennifer Rigney was held in Kettering

A pregnant woman ‘leapt’ in front of a lorry on a dual carriageway, causing her fatal injuries, an inquest has heard.

Jayne Jennifer Rigney,31, died in the early hours of Friday, November 2, 2012, after being hit by a lorry on the A6003, near to the BP garage on the edge of Corby. She was eight months pregnant.

An inquest into her death was held in Kettering on Thursday, August 22. The inquest heard how she had moved back to Corby to live with her mother during her pregnancy.

In the two weeks prior to her death she had complained of not feeling herself.

Dr Richard Baxter, of the Lakeside Surgery, Cottingham Road, Corby, told the inquest she had been referred to the Corby Urgent Care Centre on October 29, 2012, showing signs of depression and anxiety.

However, while Dr Baxter said she was ‘low in mood’, there were no thoughts of suicide.

In the subsequent weeks her mother, Sheila Rigney, said her behaviour was not normal and she seemed anxious.

However, during the day prior to her death, Miss Rigney had been shopping for baby clothes with her mother.

After shopping they had gone home and watched television. Sheila Rigney said she had gone to bed at 11pm and her daughter had stayed up to watch television.

Sheila Rigney said she awoke at about 2am and went to the bathroom and noticed her daughter was asleep in her room. She was informed by the police of her daughter’s death several hours later.

The inquest also heard evidence from the lorry driver, Mark Ireland, who was heading towards the BP garage when the accident happened at about 4.10am.

Mr Ireland said he had seen a shadowy movement on the side of the road but he didn’t know what it was, or how far away it was.

He said he then saw something ‘leap’ in front of the lorry and realised it was a person when her face was highlighted in the headlights’ beam.

During the inquest Vincent Rigney, Miss Rigney’s brother, paid tribute to his sister and said she had everything to live for.

He said the family are still coming to terms with what happened but feel ‘let down’ by the health services, and the help they offered Jayne.

He said: “We feel very let down by that help and feel that Jayne’s death was unnecessary.”

Coroner Ann Pember recorded an open verdict.