College celebrates its 200th Prince’s Trust team

Attendees at the celebrations
Attendees at the celebrations

Young people at Tresham College have celebrated a Prince’s Trust milestone.

The event, which was held on Wednesday, July 17 at Northampton Town FC, saw friends, family, and local dignitaries gather in celebration of Tresham College’s 200th Prince’s Trust team. The scheme provides unemployed 16 to 25-year-olds with the opportunity to get involved in the world of work, and since 1999 Tresham College has helped a succeeded in helping 4,000 young people.

The most recent programme began in April in which 19 young people were involved in various activities, including: team building exercises, a week-long residential trip, a community project and two weeks of work experience. In addition to community activities, the young people gained nationally recognised qualifications and were given key advice on how to write their CVs.

Kay Kambanis, 20, who collected her certificate at the celebration event, has now secured a place at university following the programme.

After leaving home at the age of 18 and relying on temporary accommodation whilst supporting her eighteen-month-old son, Kay was determined to make her life more stable. But she said: “I had no experience and I felt lost. I worried that even if I were to get an interview I’d have nothing to talk about.”

Kay heard about The Prince’s Trust Team programme at Tresham College and decided to give it a go, and she added: “I’m so pleased I did because I absolutely loved it. It gave me the opportunity to try my hand at so many things I had never done before. The residential week away was my favourite. I was so scared of abseiling but everyone encouraged me to do it and when I actually did I felt like I could do anything.”

She will begin studying Criminal Justice at university in October, and in the meantime is volunteering with people undergoing drug rehabilitation. At the celebration on Wednesday, Kay said: “The Prince’s Trust Team programme was brilliant and I am really proud that we were Tresham’s 200th group. I am now looking forward to a brighter future for me and my child. All I want to do is work hard, provide for my son and make a positive contribution to society.”

Another young person who was present at the celebration was Farah Kiren, 24, who took part in an earlier programme at Tresham College but came back to volunteer with their 200th team.

Before getting involved with the trust, Farah had worked full-time in her family’s taxi firm but when the business was sold, she struggled to find a career path.

She said: “I didn’t know what to do next I felt I was lacking direction. I liked routine and suddenly I didn’t have one which I found quite stressful. I was applying for jobs but I didn’t have the experience I needed for the type of jobs I wanted and so felt like I was setting myself up to fail.”

Farah had a friend who had been on the Prince’s Trust team and she decided to get involved. “I saw first-hand the change in my friend and the opportunities that were suddenly available to her and I knew then that I wanted to get involved,” she said.

“I am so glad I took the plunge. Not only did the team give me my routine back but I got my motivation back and developed my leadership skills. My favourite part was volunteering at a respite care home for disabled adults in Essex. I found it hard at the beginning but by the end I loved it so much.”

The Prince’s Trust scheme inspired Farah so much that she returned to volunteer and help other young people to turn their lives around. She is now working full-time with the police.

Paul Hamblin, also present at Tresham College’s celebration, said “I am honoured to be a part of The Prince’s Trust Team programme at Tresham College. It is amazing to see the change in the young people who come on the programme and I’m looking forward to working with many more in future.”