Coffee culture catches on as new shop planned

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Plans for another Costa coffee shop in Kettering town centre have been submitted.

The chain already has a shop in Gold Street but wants to open another in nearby High Street due to booming business in the town.

The new coffee shop would fill one of the town’s empty buildings, opposite McDonald’s on the corner of High Street and Dryland Street.

Sophie Matthews is an agent for Walsingham Planning, handling the proposal for company 3D Coffee.

She said: “The existing shop is popular. It’s a good meeting place for shoppers and locals or people popping out for a lunch break.

“It has been doing very well so my client has been looking for another property.

“It’s not unusual to have two coffee shops in a town and it depends on the character of the area and the demand.

“My client believes there is demand for another shop at that end of the street.

“I think the proposal looks pretty good in planning terms, we’re not anticipating any problems. It should go through and be open as soon as possible.”

Kettering Council’s planning committee hopes to make a decision on the proposal later this month.

The building in High Street has two storeys but the upstairs will be staff facilities, with only the ground floor open to customers.

3D Coffee is a small business and, like the shop in Gold Street, would be running it as a franchise for Costa.

In January, Kettering Council outlined its vision for a cafe culture with streets full of people eating or drinking outdoors in the town centre.

And another coffee shop in the town could suit this idea.

Richard Jackson, of Kettering, was at the existing Costa yesterday. He said: “I’m in town a few times a week and Costa is often so busy that you can’t sit down.

“Although it seems weird to open another one so close I think there is the demand for it.

“It does seem a bit over the top, though. They could have just opened a bigger one in the first place.”

Barry Clark, of Kettering, was also at the shop.

He said: “I think opening a new shop is a good idea.

“I don’t think it will be a problem – the more coffee shops there are the more they will fill up.

“I use this one quite a lot.”