Cocoon in Kettering told to close for a month

Cocoon in Silver Street, Kettering
Cocoon in Silver Street, Kettering

A nightclub owner is to appeal against a council’s decision to shut down the venue for a month after pledging to turn it around.

Kettering Council made the decision to suspend the licence of Cocoon nightclub, in Gold Street, Kettering, and handed the venue a series of punishments.

But owner Jose Ribeiro has told the Telegraph he will appeal against the decision, which was taken by the council’s licensing committee last Wednesday after a review was called by the police, who said it was the scene for an ‘unacceptable’ amount of crime.

Mr Ribeiro said: “We were very happy with the decision except that to suspend the licence as we feel we’ve already complied with all the conditions except that one.

“I’ve booked in training for my staff this week and we want to work closely with the police to make this a safe venue with a new approach.”

The committee wants a new designated premises supervisor in place at Cocoon, and Mr Ribeiro has said he will take that role and is fully qualified.

He also said the club was letting in the legal amount of people it can hold. The club will also scan every person’s ID to make sure it is legitimate.

The owners have until Wednesday, October 17, to lodge an appeal. If an appeal is lodged by then, the decision is deferred until it is heard, so the venue is operating as usual at the moment.