Clubs help to make it all plain sailing

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Rotary Clubs in our area have long supported a charity called Sailability, which gives sailing opportunities to people with disabilities.

In fact, without Rotary support through both cash and people power, the organistion would not be able to function at Grafham Water.

Rotary Clubs from our area not only provide the “people power” needed to get the boats into and out of the water, but they have also provided funds for boats, equipment and buildings so that Sailability can succeed at Grafham Water.

This year the Rushden Chichele Rotary Club has pledged to give the Grafham Sailability Charity £5,000 to provide a new building to replace the one given by another club many years ago that has reached the end of its useful life.

Sailing is one of the very few sports in which able-bodied sailors and disabled sailors can participate on equal terms.

Imagine the thrill of sailing for people who can feel and hear but have no sight, or of sailing a boat at speed even though they can’t walk, or of joining in a sport where deafness doesn’t matter.

Sailability continues to encourage and support people with disabilities to take up the sport and to help sites to develop sailing opportunities.It gives the opportunity for disabled people to enjoy the freedom of taking to the water.

We all know how powerful the effect of seeing the Paralympic sailors was last year when we saw them competing in a whole range of events in boats.

This year more disabled people than ever before have taken to the water thanks to the charity.

At Grafham they use boats that are very safe but the disabled sailors test them to their limits and enjoy the thrill of genuine speed as they run before the wind.