Clean out your flue to keep your home safe during winter

Firefighters from Northamptonshire have joined forces with the National Association of Chimney Sweeps to urge people to ensure their chimney is safe and ready for the winter.

Fire and Rescue Service head of community services Mark Ainge said: “Last year our service attended 82 chimney fires, many of which were caused by blocked or damaged flues and were therefore preventable. They usually start when high temperatures or flames from a very hot fire extend into the appliance outlet or flue and ignite deposits of soot and creosote. With the colder winter months looming, now is the time to take the necessary step of having your chimney swept before you start using it.”

Martin Glynn, president of the National Association of Chimney Sweeps, said: “All chimneys and flue-ways should be cleaned and checked to ensure they’re free from debris and in full working order before the heating season. A blocked or defective chimney can cause chimney fires and carbon monoxide poisonings so it’s very important to employ a professional qualified chimney sweep.”