Churches give a helping hand to those in need

TINS of soup, boxes of cereal and packets of biscuits are among the food items being donated by church-goers to deprived households struggling to find the cash for supermarket shops.

Saints Peter and Paul and St Michael’s churches in Kettering have so far filled about £150 worth of food in donation banks for people in need in the town.

The Rev Dr John Smith launched the idea last month and says he is overwhelmed by the support from members of the congregations.

He said: “You think 20 per cent of homes in Kettering have someone without a job.

“This means there are many families which do not have a sufficient amount of money coming in to pay for food on top of all other household bills.

“This is a recession but most of us still have a bit of cash to spend and are able to buy what we need.

“So I asked people to give what they can to people in society who are not so lucky at this time – the response has been fantastic.”

Dr Smith leaves the parcels at every church service at the two churches he serves.

When filled he takes the packed food banks to the Kettering Centre for the Unemployed which then distributes them to families in need.

Dr Smith said: “The families who need us are often quiet about their situations.

“They don’t want to lose their dignity and neither do I want to lose theirs’.

“So I’m happy to hand the food over to the appropriate agencies which donate the food without me knowing where it has gone.

“I’m sure it is being well appreciated.”

There are many other places in the town people can drop off essentials for deprived people.

One of them is St Jude’s Community Drop In which holds a collection for those who are homeless.

Saints Peter and Paul and St Michael’s Churches both hold Sunday services and attract about 250 people a week.