Church’s new role will help children and families

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A Weldon church has appointed a new children and families worker who will work with residents in the area to create a series of community groups and initiatives.

Emma Kirby has been appointed into the role by St Mary’s Church and Priors Hall Community Church.

A part-time role initially, Emma’s post has been funded by grants from the Diocese of Peterborough and Weldon Parish Council.

A spokesman for the two churches said: “The long-term plan is for the role to become a full-time position, something that is wholly dependent on securing grants and funding from additional sources.

“Emma brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the role, having spent several years working at Weldon CE Primary School. She was also responsible for running Mums and Tots and Toddler Time groups in Singapore in the past, with a particular focus on ex-pat mothers who found themselves without any family or friends nearby.”

The Rev Kane Taylor, of St Mary’s, Weldon and Priors Hall Community Church, added: “Our Parish is expanding rapidly and, unfortunately, in light of both national and local cuts to vital outreach services, the level of support provided for families and children in particular is falling far short of what is needed.

“Emma’s role will ensure that residents of Weldon and Priors Hall can benefit from friendly, accessible, community-based support. This is something that’s definitely lacking in our area at the moment.

“I know she is keen to get going in her new role.”

Emma said: “There is a real need for extra support for families and young people across the county, but in particular in fast growing areas such as the Weldon and Priors Hall Parish.

“For lots of people who are new to the area, they don’t have established support networks of family or friends to rely on for help when needed, and it’s easy to feel isolated and alone. My role is to help those families and children wherever I can, providing the reassurance that support is available on their doorstep, and helping to establish the very support networks that can be prove so invaluable for families.”

To contact Emma, please email