Church falls foul of attack but yobs are forgiven

Church Leader Frank Gibson with the boarded-up windows
Church Leader Frank Gibson with the boarded-up windows

A church community left upset after vandals attacked its building say they want to meet the people responsible to talk about their issues.

Corby Salvation Army, in Cottingham Road, in the town, has had six of its windows smashed in the past week in two attacks by yobs.

Although left with a £300 bill to replace the damage, the church will welcome the opportunity to speak to the vandals.

Four windows were smashed with bricks between Friday, November 2, and Sunday, November 4, and another one was damaged on the night of Wednesday, November 7.

On Friday, yet another window was smashed.

Church leader Frank Gibson said: “We think it was probably the same group who have targetted us but what we want to say to them is that they are forgiven and we bear them no ill will.

“We always look to help individuals and we would like to get hold of them to sit down with them and have a chat to them to ask what their problems could be.

“We are praying for them. We don’t want to see them punished and we would always help people out.”

The church has had its windows smashed on previous occasions. But it has never suffered such a spate of attacks over a small period of time.

The cost of repairs will come out of the church’s funds.

Mr Gibson added: “Money we could have used to help the community will have to go on replacement windows.

“We spend our funds on food and support for people who have fallen on hard times.”

Police say they have increased patrols of the area in response to the attacks.

PC Keely Harper said: “We are working with the church and Corby Council to put up CCTV cameras. One of our crime prevention specialists will visit the church to provide crime prevention advice.”