Church bells tribute

Her Majesty was reported to be “touched” to hear about the 12-hour cascade of church bells which will ring down the length of the Welland Valley on Monday, June 4, to celebrate her Diamond Jubilee.

The bells will ring in every church tower in turn down the Welland Valley from its source at Sibbertoft, Northamptonshire to the Wash 65 miles away.

There are some 34 towers with ringable bells in the valley. Starting at 9am and allowing 20 minutes for each tower it will take 12 hours to ring down the Valley to the last tower at Surfleet. But even further down, the last village before the Wash is Fosdyke with its one bell which will be chimed 60 times at dusk in association with the lighting of its beacon. Many other churches whose bells can only be chimed or with only one or two bells will be joining in the cascade.