Children discover true meaning of Christmas

Walking into the ex-servicemen’s club, in the Corby Old Village; there was an atmosphere of total excitement and anxiousness, created by the thoughts of the night ahead.

Parents were seated and anxious to see the performance, for which their children had been relentlessly practising.

All the Key Stage 1 teachers had gathered around, knowing they had done all they could to ensure the children knew their lines and their songs; a choir of Key Stage 2 children had gathered to show their support for their fellow lower school peers; and the children performers were poised and ready, filled to the brim with nerves and excitement; ready to get their performances done.

The night was about to begin.

Children of the world; the nativity that had been carefully selected by the Key Stage 1 staff of Corby Old Village primary school, was the very different, yet enticing, nativity that was to be performed.

It touched on the different traditions all around the world, and the ways that different countries would celebrate christmas.

From Australia, where they would have a barbecue on the beach, to China, where lanterns were lit to welcome the baby Jesus; the children of Corby old village primary school, performed, and learnt, about the children of the world.

Adorably dressed, in all home-made outfits, the children performed to the highest standard; and there is certainly some acting talent in Corby!

The stumbled lines, and the baton passing of the microphone, which lifted the tiny voices of Reception children to Year 2s; all made the performance even more special and heartwarming.

Everything was perfect; the angels of the world, the acting of the children, and the beautiful voices of the choir; the whole night was perfection.

After the show was over the beaming faces of the parents was enough to warm even the coldest of hearts.

The proud faces of parents, along with the teachers’ relieved looks, and the children who knew they had performed to their best; the atmosphere was electric.

The night as a whole really hit home the fact that Christmas was not about presents, or about self gaining; but was about seeing the proud and beaming faces of children who had learned the true meaning of christmas.