Child injured after hole forms under car park

A residents' parking area at The Crescent, Wellingborough, has been cordoned off after a hole appeared in the ground
A residents' parking area at The Crescent, Wellingborough, has been cordoned off after a hole appeared in the ground

A child was injured after a collapsed sewer cause a two-metre deep hole to form under a housing estate car park.

The underground hole led to cracks appearing in the floor of the residents’ parking area at The Crescent, Wellingborough.

A four-year-old suffered bruising to her leg and head after her leg slipped through the cracks while playing on Monday afternoon.

Her mum Beata Maksymwska, 31, called the police and the area was soon cordoned off.

She said: “My daughter fell into the hole after she put her leg into it. She was terrified so I called the police.

“They came on Monday night and put up fences to cordon off the area.

“My daughter has got marks on her legs and on her head. She’s terrified about going outside now because she’s worried about falling down.”

A team of Wellingborough Police officers and Wellingborough Council workers were called to the scene.

A Northamptonshire Police spokesman said: “We were called at 3.50pm to a report of a hole in a car park at The Crescent, and that a child may have been injured as a result.

“We contacted the emergency planning team and we made sure that the area was cordoned off so that no-one could be injured.

“The incident was then referred to Wellingborough Council’s environmental services department.”

A Wellingborough Council spokesman added: “We were called by the police to the incident in The Crescent and members of our environmental protection and building control teams went along.

“Our officers identified a serious problem – there was a visible hole the width of three paving blocks, but a torch revealed a deeper hole, about two metres deep and several metres in area.

“As it was getting dark, and the safety and protection of the public is our main concern, we immediately cordoned off the area and secured the site ready for further investigation today.”

The cause of the problem was discovered to be a collapsed underground sewer.

Anglian Water has accepted responsibility for the incident.

Repairs were due to be carried out at the site today.

An Anglian Water spokesman said the collapsed sewer had caused soil on top of it to also collapse, leaving the hole directly under the car park.

He added: “We will be carrying out repairs today to fill in the hole.

“We are sorry for any distress and any inconvenience caused by this.”