Checks on bins after rise in contaminated green waste in Corby

People are being urged to put the right waste in the right bins in Corby
People are being urged to put the right waste in the right bins in Corby

People in Corby are being urged to put the right waste in the right bins to cut down on the amount having to go to landfill.

Following an increase of contaminated recycling bins, Corby Council is urging residents to be mindful of what rubbish they are putting in their green bins.

Each green bin will have an orange sticker placed on it this week and leaflets will be going to every household in the borough to remind people to check if they are putting the right waste in the right bin.

Corby’s green wheelie bins are for compostable materials from your garden only, such as grass cuttings and leaves, but there has been an increase in the amount of general waste and recyclables being placed in them, including black bags with general waste.

Once collected the contents of every green bin is taken to a local composting facility for treatment, which is then used to produce high quality agricultural grade compost that can be used on farms.

If any bin contains the wrong waste it may make the collection of the whole lorry load unacceptable at the composting facility and it will be rejected and taken to a landfill site.

This means a greater cost to dispose of the waste and possibly lower quality compost.

To help reduce loads being rejected, collection crews within Corby will be carrying out more rigorous checks for the wrong waste hidden deeper in the bins.

Corby Council’s street scene officers are also carrying out checks and writing to people who are regularly offending.

Should any green bin be found to contain the wrong type of waste, be overweight or too full for the lid to close then the bin will be red tagged and will not be emptied until the next collection date (as long as the issue is rectified).

Corby Council’s lead member for environment, Cllr Mark Pengelly, said: “The majority of residents do ensure they put the correct materials in the correct coloured bin and this is clear from our recycling figures in Corby.

“However, we have recently seen an increase in the amount of contaminated green waste collections and therefore are reminding residents to help increase our recycling figures further by checking they have the right bin for the right waste.

“We hope that residents can take a couple of minutes to have a quick look through the leaflet that will be coming through their door over the coming days and please get in touch if they have any queries.”

For more information and advice on recycling visit, email or contact the Street Scene Hotline on 01536 464242.