Charity work at Wrenn School

This year I am on the Year 10 school council.

This means I help raise money for charities and give ideas on how to improve the school.

This year, Year 10 have come up with a fabulous solution...

We will raise money throughout the year and base our fundraising in the season we are in.

We have a candy cane idea; This is where you pay for a candy cane and a tag to put a message on.

We will then deliver it. You can stay anonymous or be upfront and put your name.

We also have a hot chocolate idea, when it is cold we can sell hot chocolate.

We alo have a few rough ideas of ‘where is Wolly?’ and ‘Easter egg hunt’.

They are not fully planned out yet considering we have time.

We are raising money for the Cynthia Spencer Hospice in Northampton (Which is at threat of closing down!), Arthritis Research UK and Help for heroes.

Do you have any fun fundraising ideas to help us raise as much money as possible?

We really need to raise money for this, especially to keep Cynthia Spencer Hospice open and running considering it is personal to my head of year.

Wrenn School is doing an amazing job at fundraising and we would like your help!

Any ideas? Contact me via email.

Thank you!